Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blooming Beautiful

This morning while standing in my garden, I could feel the first sweet hint of approaching autumn in the air. For those whose favorite season is warm and sunny Summer, this may elicit cries of "Nooo!!", but for me it's a much anticipated and welcomed shift in the air. Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of the year, and I watch for those first small signs like a kid waiting for the ice cream man to arrive in the neighborhood. Bring on the crunchy leaves, the pumpkins, and wood fires! The summer roses are ripe and beautiful with what might be the last blooms I get this year. I took some photos earlier in the week and have been having a bit of fun with them in photoshop. Sooooo pretty and fragrant, and in spite of my love of fall, I'll be sad to see the blooms go :-)

Hope you've all enjoyed these last days of summer, thanks for stopping by!

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