Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rolling WIth The Punches

What a week it's been!! I've had so many unexpected things happening this week and have had no time to pop in here and tell you about it! Normally Tuesdays are my days to feature other wonderful artists in my Tuesday Treasure Hunt feature, but since I've been on a twirly whirly rollercoaster ride of a week, I will hold off on this week's treasures and save them for next week's feature :-) Instead I thought I'd just share this little inspirational image with you. When the roller coaster slows down in a few days I'll be back to tell you all about the exciting happenings of this past week. There has been fun art stuff, scary sales opportunities, and the start of new and unexpected projects. Life is such a jumble bumble mix up sometimes isn't it?? 

I look forward to slowing down and catching up on all my favorite blogs and of course we can't forget that this weekend is the super fun Le Mysterieux Carnival.blog event. If you have not heard of it yet, pop over and check it out...it's going to be amazing!!

See you soon!



  1. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear all of the happenings!

  2. Hello Angela Its always nice to find like minded people while travelling throught blog land And I Happened also to by taking part in the Le Mysterieux Carnival blog party!
    I love your blog and as an illustrator I always love to see how other people go about their crafting.
    Goodluck with your new opportunties x
    Julie x

  3. perfect sentiment Angela x