Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Treasure Hunt Tuesdays

Welcome to the first official Treasure Hunt Tuesdays post! What is "Treasure Hunt Tuesday" you ask? It's a day for finding and sharing hidden gems, precious little bits and bobs, and cool inspirational art that we've discovered by other artists. It's a day to celebrate the inspiration we get from one another, and to try and pass that inspiration on if we can. It doesn't matter what the treasure is....a favorite recipe, a funny little quote, a beautiful piece of art, or a handcrafted thingie mabobber....if it makes you smile or moves you in some way, then I'd love to hear about it! No treasure is too small or too great to share!

Since my blog is still quite new, you may not see loads and bunches of people yet participating in Treasure Hunt Tuesdays, but please don't let that stop you from sharing your treasure foundlings! If even one new person a week stops by to share the wonderful work of others, then I will be a happy treasure hunter indeed! Blogs are such a wonderful way to support and inspire one another, so let's continue to share the wealth and let others have a peek at the treasures we discover :-)

Sometimes you have to travel far from the beaten path to discover hidden gems........

And sometimes you find treasure just outside your own front gate...............

But whether you find inspiration near or far, sharing it with friends is often the best part of the journey!

So without further ado, here are a few of the inspirational treasures I'd like to share for my first Treasure Hunt Tuesday!

I love this whimsical photo art by Kanelstrand Photography. Something about this little girl standing on her own fishing for the moon really appeals to me! I think we should all do a bit more fishing for the moon :-)

I've always admired the tiny detailed work of art doll creators, such amazing little works of art! I stumbled upon this adorable sprite by Lori Schroeder and was totally enchanted. You can see more of Lori's work at www.fairiesandmermaids.etsy.com.

My third found treasure this week is this inspirational necklace from Wuzzy's Creations. I love the message and the cool rustic look of this piece.

My last "share" for this week is this beautiful art print by Claire Baron of The Enchanted Postcard. I'm really in love with this print and have put it on my "really want to treat myself to" list, lol. 

So there we have it, my first little trove of shared treasures. Now it's your turn! If you've created a post on your blog about treasures you've found, or want to just leave a link in the comments to something you want to share....please jump in and share your treasures! If you really realllllyyyy like the idea of Treasure Hunt Tuesdays, please feel free to grab a button below and let others know about the weekly treasure hunt!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a lovely day!
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  1. Wonderful gesture, Angela, I love the idea of sharing our discoveries! The Claire Baron illustration is too sweet for words... I'll be the first one, sharing my recently thrifted jungle art: http://meehameeha.blogspot.com/2012/08/jungle-kids-art.html

    1. Love the jungle art! Thanks for sharing your find :-) It's awesome that you found set together like that, it's sometimes not easy getting matched sets of things when thrifting, lol.

  2. Oh I didn't see this yesterday. I shall definitely take part next week though!

    1. Thanks Rachel!I look forward to seeing your found treasures :-)

  3. Such a great idea to share the things we love. Claire Baron's print is beautiful. I'll definitely participate next week! Thanks for sharing these treasures! ~Michelle

    1. Thanks for visiting Michelle :-) It is such an enchanting print isn't it? I'll be sure to check out your treasures next week!

  4. This is great! And such a fabulous idea! =)